LIE DETECTOR INCL. SOFTWARE and 6-Multiple measurement
(Pulse, skin resistance, 2x breath controL, TEMPERATURE AND AIR PRESSURE)

Conducting a polygraph examination

Lie detectors work with sensors, measuring the reactions of the body of a respondent and evaluating using a computer. When one is connected to the polygraph, they should answer truthfully to the questions that are asked. Here, the heart beat, galvanization, electrical conductivity of the skin and temperature is measured.

Lying causes stress, causing the skin to begin to sweat. This increases the electrical conductivity what is measured by two electrical contacts of the polygraph. These contacts are attached to the skin, placed under a weak tension. Increased sweating of the skin lets the amperage between the contacts raise up and is a clear indication of a lie! But in addition to the sweating of the skin, the human body reacts also with increased heart rate and increased respiration and temperature to stressful situations. These reactions / symptoms are also registered by the sensors and cover up false answers.


The 6x Polygraph Expert complete set contains?