LIE DETECTOR INCL. SOFTWARE and 6-Multiple measurement
(Measuring skin resistance, pulse, breath control, TEMPERATURE, blood pressure, heart rate)

Conducting a polygraph examination

Lie detectors work with sensors, measuring the reactions of the body of a respondent and evaluating using a computer. When one is connected to the polygraph, they should answer truthfully to the questions that are asked. Here, the heart beat, galvanization, electrical conductivity of the skin and temperature is measured.

Lying causes stress, causing the skin to begin to sweat. This increases the electrical conductivity what is measured by two electrical contacts of the polygraph. These contacts are attached to the skin, placed under a weak tension. Increased sweating of the skin lets the amperage between the contacts raise up and is a clear indication of a lie! But in addition to the sweating of the skin, the human body reacts also with increased heart rate and increased respiration and temperature to stressful situations. These reactions / symptoms are also registered by the sensors and cover up false answers.


The Polygraph Expert complete set contains?

1. Data Aquisition Box: All phyisiological sensors (measurement probes) are connected here.
2. GSR Sensor: Measuring the human galvanic Skin Response with 2 electrodes that connected to the human fingers for inspection of the sympathetic nervous system activity. The electric circuit is very sensitive and show values between 2000 to 60,000 very high resolution measurements.
3. Temperature Sensor: Measuring the peripheral skin temperature in 0.01 C resolution when the skin temperature become lower - this is another indicator for the sympathetic nerve system activation.
4. Breathing sensor: A stretched very sensitive sensor based on silicon rubber cord that measure the human abdominal breathing amplitude and breathing ration per minute .
5. BVP Sensor (Pulse): HR heart rate and IBI (Inter Beat Interval, increasing the pace - measure pressure and stress)
6. BVP Sensor (Blood Pressure): Dynamically relative blood pressure changes that measure of extremely tiny BP changes that indicates fear, stress, pressure, fight or flight, etc.
7. BVP Sensor (Heart Rate Variability): HRV (Heart Rate Variability) time domain calculation and FFT spectrum analysis provides 40 different psychophysiology and physiological indicators concerning mental and emotional state of the central autonomic nervous system activity. The most 3 common parameters are: "Rumination thoughts" (VLF), "Stress activation" (HF), "relax activation" (LF)
8. USB cable: Connect the USB cable from the data box into your computer.



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Lie Detection: How is it working?

When you're done with the survey, you can evaluate the entire record. For each of the questions asked
the polygraph software shows you, if the previously given answers are the truth or whether the test person has lied according the changes in the graph.


The lie detector with real polygraph is characterized by its high compatibility, accuracy and ease of use. The polygraph software can be used with all Windows operating systems and is attached via USB connection with the measurement instruments. The lie detector is ready for use and easy to use after a few steps. Through the up to 6 measurement methods the results are very precise, which can be clearly and easily evaluated. 

Lie detectors are particularly well suited as a loyalty test for employee surveys, theft education or to detect a cheater.