LIE DETECTOR INCL. SOFTWARE and 6-Multiple measurement
(Measuring skin resistance, pulse, breath control, TEMPERATURE, blood pressure, heart rate)

Use of lie detectors in the press


abc news  
"David Pietz Murder Trial: Prosecutors Point to Failed Lie-Detector Test"

Prosecutors in the nearly four-week trial of David Pietz are pointing to a lie-detector test he failed at the time of the alleged murder of his wife, as well as the second one he declined to take six years later when he was arrested in connection to the slaying. Pietz, 34, is accused of killing his wife, 32-year-old Nicole Pietz, who vanished from her home in 2006 and was found strangled in a wooded area. Detectives with the King County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit arrested Pietz in March 2012 and charged him with second-degree murder.

"U.S. Banker Deploys Polygraph to Thwart Kazakhstan Theft"

When Michael Eggleton arrived in Kazakhstan in 2009 after three banks defaulted on about $20 billion in debt, he thought something drastic had to be done. So the former Merrill Lynch & Co. and Credit Suisse Group AG banker, who had been appointed chief executive officer of Almaty-based Eurasian Bank JSC, flew a polygraph machine into the Central Asian country to bolster client trust.

daily press  
"Newport News Sheriff: Deputy passed lie detector test"

The Newport News sheriff's deputy who asserts he called the Hampton Sheriff's Office to check on charges in that city before the release of a murder suspect has passed a polygraph with flying colors, Sheriff Gabe Morgan said Monday. Morgan said Deputy Robert Allen passed a lie detector test on Nov. 8 with "no hint of deception" as to whether he lied about talking to Hampton before the murder suspect, Eric L. Nixon Jr., was released from custody on Oct. 9.

"NSA Whistleblower Reveals How To Beat a Polygraph Test"

Russell Tice, the National Security Agency whistleblower who blew the lid open on warrantless wiretapping conducted by the federal government on U.S. citizens post-9/11, says that he took between 12 and 15 polygraph tests during his nearly 20-year-long government career. The tests mellowed over time, Tice says, and they may have also gotten easier to beat.



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